August 7, 2011

Finding the Most Popular Flex Framework

Posted by Jeremy Mitchell
Some Flex developers insist an architectural framework (aka framework or microarchitecture) is the fundamental piece of a well-designed and maintainable Flex application architecture. Others insist that frameworks are unnecessary and only contribute to the overall complexity of an application.

Personally, I believe frameworks are a valuable tool and can provide a great starting point for a sound application architecture. If used properly (that's a big IF), frameworks provide structure and consistency, both of which contribute to the predictability and maintainability of a code base. Also, many frameworks provide built-in support for many useful design patterns (i.e. Dependency Injection or Inversion of Control) to help developers solve complex problems.

Regardless of what I think, frameworks exist, and they are being heavily utilized in Flex projects. Let's find out which is currently the most popular, shall we?


Anonymous said...

if there wasn't a SWIZ-ish proprietary framework in place for the project I am working on, this project wouldn't work and fail utterly.

It is the biggest project I have ever seen and the fact that it works rather well and performs well (actual UI performance as well as memory and GC issues) is a testament to the usefulness of the IoC/DI framework in place.

Omer Hassan said...

I find it very hard to justify the use of a framework on top of Flex 4.

Web Development said...

in our company we use Cairngorm and PureMVC, i suppose they are the best so far

flex development said...

It's difficult to justify which framework is best.. I use Cairngorm framework.

Anonymous said...

What we have used is Cairngorm 3 with Parsley and even Parsley independently for our application development.